Use Your Own Domain

Your brand is important and we help you spread the word about YOU!

  • Use your own domain like, and not a subdomain like
  • Purchase a domain at your favorite registrar.
  • Copy the data required from your dashboard.
  • Paste the data with your registrar and you're done. It's that easy.

Tell Your Story From The Top

Capture your audience right from the start, whether you want to use a video (sound is muted), animated image or slideshow. This real estate on your hub can be the most important and we can help you craft a perfect message.

  • Use a favorite video that tells your story.
  • Use an animated image that represents you and your brand.
  • Create a slide show by adding multiple static images.
  • Choose either option to begin and change whenever you want.

WOW Viewers With a Greeting Video

By visually and audibly engaging viewers, your greeting video enhances your brand recall and emotional resonance.

  • With our in-house recording studio you simply hit record and save. We host your video so no need to download/upload.
  • Add up to 2 call-to-action buttons and guide viewers with your greeting message.
  • People do business with people. This is your chance to explain who you are, what you do and the problems you solve.

Lead Generation

Your hub can help transform networking into opportunities in multiple ways.

  • Direct Call, WhatsApp and Messenger Integration.
  • Mini CRM: Contact Form With Auto-Reminders.
  • Ai Reminder System Ensures Leads Never Slip Through The Cracks.
  • Autogenerated QR Code.
  • Calendly Integration for Appointments.
  • And So Much More.

Exchange Contact Information

Anyone viewing your digital hub can save your contact information to their mobile's contacts and they can easily exchange their information with you.

  • Your Network is Expanding and Creating Opportunities.
  • Our Ai Follow-up System Reminds You of New Contacts and Encourages Communication.
  • Keep Notes on Contacts and Communicate With Them From Inside Your Dasbboard.
  • It's Like a Mini CRM Working For You.

Multiple Pages and Content Lock

Organize page content with muiltiple tabs and LOCK member-only content.

  • Create Unlimited Pages With Our HTML Editor.
  • It's Like a Mini Website Inside Your Hub, One Location for Everything.
  • Protect Sensitive Information By Locking Pages. Pages Require an Unlock Code For Access.
  • Generate Unlock Codes For Each Registrant That Will Only Work In Combination With Their Email Address.
  • Unlock Codes Can Unlock One, Two or All Locked Pages. You Control Your Content and Who Accesses It.

Share Your Hub With The World

The best kept secrets need to be told so take advantage of mulitple ways to share your digital hub. Enjoy organic connections when others share your digital hub as well.

  • NFC cards are really taking the Internet by storm. We provide only the best metal, high quality NFC cards encoded with your own domain.
  • QR Codes had a slow start but in recent years they have emerged to be a necessary tool for online and offline businesses.
  • Sharing your hub via social media, text message, messenger, etc., it as easy as clicking on the appropriate icon.
  • There are many ways to share your digital hub.